Healthy Schools

Safe and Healthy Schools Committee

The focus of the Safe and Healthy Schools Committee is to encourage children to have a voice in leading our school community in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both at school and at home.  We strongl​​y believe that healthy eating, physical activity, and taking care of mental wellbeing are three major factors that lead student's to improved academic achievement. Through our initiatives at school and home, we can build a strong foundation for our children to live healthy lives.

Our Current Initiatives

Water Does Wonders!

Water is essential for good health. It is also a simple, convenient, and low-cost option for quenching thirst. Let’s encourage kids and families to make water their first choice to drink with meals and throughout the day.  ​
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Let's Get Cookin'

Let’s Get Cookin’ is a cooking program, which trains volunteers from the school community to teach junior, intermediate and secondary school youth basic cooking skills. We have parents and students from Brescia​​ University College volunteering to help at Jean Vanier. The program is based on a “train the trainer” model. Volunteers are required to participate in a half day training session held at the Middlesex-London Health Unit. At Jean Vanier, grade 5's receive 6 - 8 cooking sessions that complement the Health curriculum for students in Ontario.​​
Students will learn about:
  • Basic food safety
  • Healthy eating concepts
  • Making and tasting selected program recipes
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Jean Vanier's Healthy Living Champions Award

​The Healthy Living Champions Award is given to elementary schools in Middlesex-London for their outstanding commitment to physical activity, healthy eating and mental wellness using the Foundations for a Healthy School Model. The Award is sponsored by London Life, Thames Valley District School Board, London District Catholic School Board and the Middlesex-London Health Unit. Jean Vanier Catholic School was The Healthy Living Champions Award recipient in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years.
Benefits of Participating
To learn effectively and maintain good health, children need to engage in regular physical activity within a safe environment and focus on eating healthy foods. In addition, mental health and emotional well-being directly impacts a child’s ability to learn to their full potential and develop psychological and emotional resiliency. By participating in the Healthy Living Champions Award, the school community is recognized for promoting and fostering the health and well-being of their students.​​