Principal’s Message

Dear Families,


My name is Matthew MacGregor and I am honoured to serve you as the new principal of your amazing school community.


This is a humble homecoming for me, as I completed elementary, secondary and initial university education in Catholic schools.


As a student of the Catholic system, I have very fond memories of the deep sense of community, feeling the presence of Jesus and the connection to rich Catholic values which are at the very heart of our holistic education. These values not only continue to resonate with me, but they have also helped define the person I am today and have inspired me to reach higher. After teaching and leading both internationally and with TVDSB for the last 17 yrs., I am home.


Friends, I know the last year has been unique and challenging, to say the least. Change is hard, sometimes unjust and can often have us questioning our very faith. Please know, WE can do this and will get through this together!


Parents & Guardians, please know, as OUR valued front-line workers, you are doing an incredible job. You are your children’s first and most important educators. Thank you!


Your children are coming to school happy, ready to encounter Jesus and following all the necessary safety protocols to mitigate risk. This isn’t a natural occurrence. It can be attributed to the collective efforts of an amazing community that truly wishes the best for their children.


Please know, as a parent myself and principal of the school, I value these contributions, and as a partner in your child’s education I endeavour to foster a safe, inclusive environment where ALL children can experience spiritual, social/emotional, and academic growth.


As the new principal of the school, I wish to share with you, What I know to be true…


Parents & Guardians give us their best every day. I know that every child has a unique story for us to unpack. I am aware that we live in a world that is challenging and complex. Even though I don’t know what careers our children will pursue, or even if those jobs even exist yet, I do know that all children can learn and I am confident that together we nurture them to be Discerning Believers, Effective Communicators and Positive Contributors to society.


As for me, I have been married to my amazing wife Joanne for 20 yrs. and have 3 incredible daughters. As you can tell, I am very outnumbered and that is why our West Highland Terriers are Male.


As a parent, I am constantly reminded of who I want to have the pleasure of teaching my children daily.


 As you can tell, family is very important to me, and my school community is an extension of my family. As such, I truly appreciate our partnership and very much look forward to meeting and connecting with you.


Thank you so much for entrusting me. I promise and am committed to serving you well. God Bless You!


Matthew MacGregor